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Building Generational Wealth 

One Family At A Time

What is your legacy?

So many of the Investors I talk with say that Cash is no longer King…

CASH FLOW is king

What are your Cash Flow goals? How do you plan to achieve them?

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What You Can Expect From Grande AMA

#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership

Alignment of Interests

Your Goal as an Investor is to keep as much in your pocket as possible. Increasing Revenue, reducing unnecessary costs and lowering taxes. 

By aligning our goals with yours with your vision, we are always on the same page.

Track Record

You want to ensure that whoever you work with has a track record and proof of concept. You want a company that specializes in a few key areas rather than mediocre in many.

We specialize in only a handful of areas to provide focused and dedicated attention to what matters most.

#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership

Cost Controls

The biggest cost of Investing in Real Estate is Repairs and Management. We are focused on Performance Based Management and a proprietary cost saving model to keep more money in your pocket.

You benefit from our economies of scale pricing from Vendors to keep cost low as well as Management that works harder and more efficiently.

Through a carefully designed performance based approach, we have created a company that is fully vested in our client’s success, assuring our investors that their capital and investment returns are safe, strong and secure as possible.

Anne Amagrande, 2018

Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait. – T. Harv Eker

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Latest Blog Posts 

Latest Blog Posts


Discover What You Need to Master Your Real Estate Success



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How does your model work?

Quite well!!!   Our model is concept and time proven for over 20 years and thousands of investments across our network of like minded partners. 

We utilize Lease Options in order to maximize rental income, create a targeted exit plan and minimize nuisance expenses.  This allows us to create the best margin consistently possible on Single Family investments

​How much experience does the Grande AMA team have?

Together and individually over the last 8 years we have acquired and managed over 50 properties, most of which we still manage and are cash flowing.

We have the resources to keep costs to a minimum and the team to anticipate problems where possible.  This ensures that we stay out in front of expensive cost overruns.

​How much money do I need to invest?

We have investors that own single properties and investors that own more than 10.  One of the best things about Grande AMA is that we customize a plan for you based on what you want to accomplish.

Equity investment models start with as little as $65,000.  

​How can I double the number of properties I own in 10 years without additional cash investment?

Some concepts are best discussed over the phone.  Schedule a time with us to learn about the potential for organize doubling AND accelerated debt pay down strategies

​Are my investment dollars safe?

All investment dollars are at risk.  Your investment dollars are secured by ownership in real estate.  Purchased intelligently and managed with attention to detail.  Your investment dollars are protected by the value of the property.

What are my projected returns?

Not every acquisition hits the same numbers but as rule, we target investment properties with at least an 8% annualized cash flow and a targeted exits of 15% or higher IRR

Why invest with you when I can buy and manage my own properties?

Go for it!!  Everyone should own and invest on there own in addition to having a team.  There are only 24 hours in a day and if Grande AMA is on your team, you can invest on your own AND leverage our time and expertise to grow your portfolio faster!

​How long will my investment dollars be tied up?

This is a customizable feature in our model.  Generally we recommend 5+ years in order to reduce the risk of a down market cycle at the wrong time.  

How much cash flow do you need to reach financial freedom*?

Learn how we help investors create cash flow, long term wealth and protect their investments against changing markets

#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership

Get started today!


*Financial freedom = When your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses.


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