Give your Investment Strategy a Checkup: How the new tax laws can save you money on your taxes

It’s upon us again…. As the old saying goes

The only 2 guarantees in life are Death and Taxes

As we prepare for tax season, it’s also time to get your checkup….no not that one…. The one with your Investment adviser and CPA to see how your investments did last year

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it kind of feels like a prostate exam? You pucker a bit and ask the dreaded question

Bend over….

How’d we do last year?

It’s feared for 1 of 2 reasons

1.You lost money

2. You made money …YAY….but now you have the tax liability you were not expecting

How do you offset this added tax liability?

Well…How balanced is your portfolio?

Do you have safe haven Investments assets like real estate integrated and weaved throughout your portfolio to create tax treatments?

Are you heavily invested in one particular type of stock, is your portfolio too aggressive, or or not aggressive enough for your age?

This is the time to get all this stuff figured out, corrected, and benefiting you and your loved ones.

Deprecation from certain types of Safe haven investments can offsets your taxable income…. Why give the government more than you should

What vehicles are you using to create passive income, allowing your capital to work smarter not harder? Have you looked at diversifying your retirement portfolio into real estate to create a more predictable and stable cash flow into your retirement?

Does your real estate strategy match up with the rest of your portfolio? Maybe it’s time to balance that out?

What are your goals for 2019, and beyond? Let us help you generate cash flow and long-term wealth.

It’s a new year it’s a new start it’s a chance to find better ways to grow and develop you’re wealth.

At Grande Ama & Associates we are laser focused on creating a custom plan for your long-term real estate needs. We specialize in creating cash flowing real estate for our investors. AND we bring a network of highly skilled professionals to assist with your planning needs.

Someone once said that wealth building is a team sport. The checkup of your investments is a great place to start. The health and composition of your wealth building team should get reviewed just as often.

Here is your CHALLENGE:

Find out if your CPA understand the nuances of real estate? If he/she well versed in the multitude of new tax laws changes? What deductions are you missing?

Here are a few questions to ask your CPA while you are working on your taxes together

1. Would Real Estate Investment property reduce my tax liability?

2. What can I do this year to save more on taxes?

3. What are the benefits and drawbacks on holding Real Estate in my name vs and LLC?

If you have questions regarding Real Estate Investing, I would love to chat with you to see if its right.

GrandeAma is disrupting traditional acquisition and management by aligning our goals with yours. We create consistent and predictable cash flow, long term wealth building and multi generational legacy.

If long term real estate investing is part of your investment check up, then Contact Anne immediately Schedule time a strategy session

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