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Anne Amagrande is helping families create generational wealth through lease options. She helps investors with turnkey investing solutions and renters become home owners. Her secret is to utilize long-term leases instead of the typical 1-3 year options that are common for lease options. Today, she elaborates on why they use longer terms, how she creates a win-win-win scenario and an overview of the Phoenix market.

 Airdate:  July 25,  2019

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Show Highlights

-Protecting your principal while investing in real estate

-Creating the interest, you can live off

-How to create an investment that is safe and security

-Increasing your cash flow

-The benefits of a physical asset

-Buy and Hold Strategy

-Building generational wealth

Airdate: June 19, th 2019


Create a WIN-WIN-WIN through Rentovations with Anne Amagrande

What you’ll learn in this episode:

– How a “Rentovation” works- How to decide between active vs. passive investing- How to handle a hoarder home flip- The steps to make the numbers work for each and every deal

 Airdate:  June 21,  2019

#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership

Coming to you live from Italy.  Listen to Anne discuss how to create the life style you want in real estate investing & travel Europe at the same time!!  

Airdate: May 25th 2019

#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership

Listen to Anne as she talks about the relationship between flipping and long term wealth generation.  It was a lot of fun diving deep with Danny. 


Airdate:  April 1  2019

A special thanks to my good friends David Cogan and Glue from Eliances for hosting me on the Eliances Hero’s Radio show on Money Radio! I love being in the studio with you guys! You always bring a real and dynamic approach, asking the hard, straight to the point and honest questions your audience wants to hear. 

Airdate: March 11th & 16th 2019

#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership

Alignment of Interests

Your Goal as an Investor is to keep as much in your pocket as possible. Increasing Revenue, reducing unnecessary costs and lowering taxes. 

By aligning our goals with yours with your vision, we are always on the same page.

Track Record

You want to ensure that whoever you work with has a track record and proof of concept. You want a company that specializes in a few key areas rather than mediocre in many.

We specialize in only a handful of areas to provide focused and dedicated attention to what matters most. 

Cost Control

The biggest cost of Investing in Real Estate is Repairs and Management. We are focused on Performance Based Management and a proprietary cost saving model to keep more money in your pocket.

You benefit from our economies of scale pricing from Vendors to keep cost low as well as Management that works harder and more efficiently.

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