Our Team: Building Generational Wealth

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Our Team

#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership

Entrepreneurial Blood!

I was born and raised in a small southern California town outside Pasadena. My Parents and Grandparents were entrepreneurs so my 3 sisters and I never had a chance. It was in our blood to be bold, creative and challenge the status quo. Never accepting the way things are just because that is how it had always been done. We were taught and encouraged to forge our own path. As we grew we worked in both our grandparents and parents printing business and really gained a sense of business acumen at a young age.After College I worked in Retail Logistics and Operations, working with one of the largest retailers in the world and later became certified as a Global Logistics Specialist rising through the ranks and landing in Distribution Center overseeing operations of Inbound freight for 63 stores in Southern California.In my spare time I found time to work within my true passion of Real Estate and finance. Upon entering Real Estate, like most I began flipping homes. After a while I realized that it was not feeding my true inspiration for helping others. I was always taught to leave everything better than you found it. I did not feel I was serving everyone in the transaction. I changed direction and sought a way to create a Win-Win-Win scenario.Through blood sweat and tears we are proud to say we have created a truly unique system designed to create a Win-Win-Win model for our Investors, our Long term Residents, and our locally owed and operated preferred Vendors, all while maintaining a profitable model for our business. I believe that When everyone wins the world is a better place.

Anne Amagrande  //  Founder and Ceo

#singlefamily #grandeama #amagrande #cashflow #privateequity #accreditedinvestor #nonaccredited #equity #notelending #partnership

Building a better life with Real Estate investing …

After almost 10 years of serving in law enforcement and seeking a safer career choice to raise my family of 4 Children. About that time I was introduced to a better way of living through real estate.At that time I decided to invest into the greatest asset, that of the mind. I took many courses and studied under the tutelage of very successful real estate professionals.In my earlier years of real estate I engaged in wholesaling deals, remodels, fix and flips, rentals, and other deals. I got into the commercial residential Market acquiring my first commercial property within the first year I started investing. I used my profits to continue to grow my level of skills and education redefining my strategic notch in the market, which led me to my latest mentor and personal friend, John Burley. Since then, I created a very successful private equity company. Where we invest in low risk High yield strategies for the long term, building generational wealth for both myself and my clients. I know spend my days enjoying financial freedom and helping others achieve their goals.

Ezekiel Chamberlin  // COO

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